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Quips From the Quarantine

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On the evening of March 1st, 2020 we returned home from a Film Festival and then dinner at Maggianos.  I am not sure at what point I started to freak out and realize it might be safer to stay in and not expose myself the Covid-19, the virus that was starting to spread and everyone was starting ...

JK and Elissa
April 20,2020 04:29 PM - Comment(s)

Several times Elissa has had the honor of meeting Natan Sharansky, a hero among heroes of the Jewish people. One time I saw him in person! Today we had an opportunity to participate in a Zoom conference which featured Natan himself.   Natan was the face of the free Soviet Jewry M...
JK and Elissa
March 23,2020 03:48 PM - Comment(s)

From what I hear, if this goes on much longer it is not the scientists who are going to discover a cure for the corona virus, it is going to be the parents who are trapped at home with their small children!

Clearly we need leadership from our federal government and it is frustrating to witness the co...

JK and Elissa
March 22,2020 04:54 PM - Comment(s)

Today we watched the news in horror as the world continues to crumble....

  • Dow Jones Industrial Average down nearly 3000 points / nearly 13%
  • We learned that gatherings of more than 10 not advised nationally
  • Officially recognized that the COVID-19 crisis could last through the summer
  • As of tonight all res...
JK and Elissa
March 17,2020 12:15 AM - Comment(s)

Our Sunday started like all other Sundays with Sunday morning news shows.  We did not feel better after watching the shows, but affirmed our desire to stay inside.  We were happy to see IL Governor JB Prtizker on Meet the Press, who continues to instill confidence. 

Some Quips we have ...

JK and Elissa
March 15,2020 01:43 PM - Comment(s)

Welcome to day one of our blog post - Quips from the Quarantine. When we woke up this morning, we thought how can we make this social distancing/quarantine a little more fun - and what's the difference for us between social distancing and quarantine?! To be clear, we are healthy (but worriers) and a...

JK and Elissa
March 14,2020 01:50 PM - Comment(s)