Jim "JK" Koretz
Jim "JK" Koretz

It is clear there is no leadership from our federal government

JK and Elissa
March 22,2020 04:54 PM Comment(s)

Admiral Bill McRaven said, "The coronavirus has thrown us all in the mud. We are cold, wet and miserable, and the dawn seems a long way off but make no mistake about it, we will prevail, because the only thing more contagious then a virus is hope."

From what I hear, if this goes on much longer it is not the scientists who are going to discover a cure for the corona virus, it is going to be the parents who are trapped at home with their small children!

Clearly we need leadership from our federal government and it is frustrating to witness the continued lies coming from the daily White House press briefings.  Seeing Dan Rather on one of the Sunday morning shows today, stating coverage of the White House press briefings should stop, was amazing. Our amazing IL JB Pritzker continues to apply pressure on the Feds to lead.  JB's daily briefings, unlike those of the White House, instill confidence here in Illinois, transparency and hope that action is being taken.

At the same time that we watch the numbers of people tested and diagnosed with coronavirus, we continue to look for the positive. 

We have been anxiously awaiting the season finale of Curb Your Enthusiasm tonight. We certainly are in need of a good laugh. We also are looking forward to the season finale of This is Us on Tuesday. It's the small pleasures each day and your friendship that enrich us and remind us of what's most important. 

In the words of Neil Diamond - "Hands Washing Hands!"



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