Jim "JK" Koretz
Jim "JK" Koretz

The Coronials are Coming!

JK and Elissa
March 15,2020 01:43 PM Comment(s)

It's Sunday Funday from the Quarantine

Our Sunday started like all other Sundays with Sunday morning news shows.  We did not feel better after watching the shows, but affirmed our desire to stay inside.  We were happy to see IL Governor JB Prtizker on Meet the Press, who continues to instill confidence. 

Some Quips we have heard in the last 24 hours which have made us laugh include:

1. In the words of our cousin, "Now is the time to flatter the curve." While we appreciate the experts when they say we need to flatten the curve, we prefer flatter the curve. We like our curves. 

2. In 9 months the kids are going to be called Coronials, and in 2033 the same kids are going to be called Coronateens.

While this may not be a quip and more of a reflection, our time in self-quarantine has also given us time to pause and think about what's important and lessons we can learn from history.

Elissa thought we could look to Anne Frank for inspiration during this strange time. We downloaded the audible version of The Diary of Anne Frank,  and we plan to listen to her together while we are in self-quarantine. We make no comparisons to the horrors that she and her family experienced. We aim to better understand her experience through the lens of our own self- imposed quarantine.

Remember to keep your social distance and we'll be back tomorrow.