Jim "JK" Koretz
Jim "JK" Koretz

Greetings from our Quarantine

JK and Elissa
March 14,2020 01:50 PM Comment(s)

Social Distancing - Our Dream Come True

Welcome to day one of our blog post - Quips from the Quarantine. When we woke up this morning, we thought how can we make this social distancing/quarantine a little more fun - and what's the difference for us between social distancing and quarantine?! To be clear, we are healthy (but worriers) and are keeping our distance from all things possibly related to Coronavirus (that means YOU). We are learning how to create our own fun, eating at home like never before, first time ordering of groceries from Amazon, and of course watching the President for updates and then following the real news. We guess some of you are going about your lives as normal, but not us. 

When looking for the positive in our self-imposed quarantine (or sever social distancing), this is what we found:

1. Waking up and knowing that I don't have to put on a bra today or for the foreseeable future. (Elissa)

2. Knowing I don't have to put on pants - but I never wear pants at home! (JK)

3. No need to make Saturday night dinner reservations - we are eating at home tonight and the rest of the week.

4. Waking up with my favorite person (without an alarm) and knowing it's just the two of us all day long.

We hope you enjoy our Quips from the Quarantine.

JK and Elissa