Jim "JK" Koretz
Jim "JK" Koretz

Zoho Expert!

We work with you in every aspect of your project from migration of your data, customization and training.  When it comes to migrating your data, we have tools to bring your data in from any other CRM or other data set. 


We can work on any size project from small to large depending on your needs.  We have been working on CRM implementations for nearly 30 years and believe in Zoho! 


Zoho One is a Business Operating System which not only includes CRM, but  other valuable business applications including email, email campaigns, electronic signatures on your agreements, surveys, chat, website builder (how I built this site), help desk, on line meeting tools, and so much more.  In all there are 45 integrated applications.  If your  business is paying for Go To Meeting, QuickBooks, Zen Desk, DocuSign, Mail Chimp, Survey Monkey…..just to name a few, imagine having all these applications as a single low monthly fee.  How low of a monthly fee?  $30 per month per user includes everything. 


Don't worry, no one ever implements all these applications at one time, we will start slow and add what you need as you need them.